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She's Beautiful

Many women believe God is silent on the subject of beauty.

Maybe because the church has been silent, maybe because we have to stop long enough to listen to what God is saying, or perhaps we sense that God, like a fearful man, simply feels uncomfortable being a part of the discussion. For whatever reason we’ve thought that God seems to be absent in our beauty discussions, the fresh-brewed truth is that God doesn’t care.

He cares deeply about us, but he doesn’t look at beauty the same way we do—trust me: He knows beautiful, and created us the way we are. His love and care aren’t affected one ounce by the size of our blue jeans, the way our nose slopes up or down, or how much dental work we had or haven’t had done. His love isn’t diminished if we wear the wrong dress to the party, have no skill (or time) to apply makeup, or hate exercising. God simply loves us.

Which also means if we decide to get in shape or find time to take a shower or learn to wear colors that look nice on us, God still loves us. We haven’t “gone up” in His eyes or improved in his estimation of us. He just loves us, the same as he always has and always will.

Have you let that truth into your soul? I mean, really let it in, way down deep?

If anyone ever laughed when you wore the wrong thing, it wasn’t God. If any boy ever said you were fat or made fun of you, God didn’t like it either. He is the one, maybe the only one, who has never criticized you or belittled you or made fun of your appearance in any way. He has loved you since before you were born, and he loves you right now.

If you could see his eyes looking at you, you would notice that his whole face radiates with love toward you. He is the designer of your form, the maker of your mind and the very first one to say, “She’s beautiful.”

His tone was kind, and his words were true.

You can believe him.

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