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Nicole Johnson


Book Nicole for your event!


With her combination of depth, faith, and humor, Nicole will bring her down-to-earth, personal style of communication and drama to your church or group. 

Nicole's presentations are tailored to your organization, and typically combine her dramatic sketches with a powerful message of hope.  


To find out more about having Nicole at your event, please contact:

Premiere Speakers Bureau

109 International Drive Ste. 300

Franklin, TN 37067

Here are a few of the themes Nicole speaks on:


Living a "Fresh Brewed Life"

God is calling you to "Wake Up!", to shout an enthusiastic "Yes!" to life, just as we say yes to our first sip of coffee each morning!  With wit and wisdom, Nicole Johnson will lead you on a journey of awakenings--first, to God as you respond to His tender, passionate love for you; second, to yourself as you embrace your identity as a woman, your gifts, and your dreams; and finally, to others as you learn to love and communicate in ways that bring joy and closeness.  Challenging and immensely practical, Nicole's "Fresh Brewed Life" message, communicated through her words and original dramatic sketches, is good to the last drop!

The Life Changing Lessons of Love 


One needs to look no further than Scripture to realize the Bible is filled with real people who had real problems--needs, hurts, questions, and longings.  Some were never mentioned by name, like the woman caught in adultery, or the man with the withered hand.  Yet, they all had a dramatic encounter with God.  Nicole Johnson invites you to experience unforgettable encounters some men and women had with Jesus. Combining creative storytelling to bring familiar stories alive in a fresh and vibrant way, Nicole will encourage your audience to take a second look at Jesus, and His Life-Changing Lessons of Love.


The Invisible Woman 


There is nothing like the pain of feeling invisible to those around you.  It especially hurts when you are serving, giving, and loving, and no one seems to notice or care.  In discussing the predicament of "The Invisible Woman", Nicole Johnson understands and affirms those who live with great responsibility without receiving any recognition.  Whether you are a hard working Mom, in ministry, or are simply trying to balance out the challenges and demands of life, Nicole's message will bring the comedy and loneliness of the invisible woman's plight to life.  And through her unique blend of speaking and drama, you will see that the invisibility that at first feels inflicted, ultimately brings an invisible woman real significance and meaning.   A hopeful message for all walks of life!


Keeping the Heart of a Princess in a Not-So-Fairy-Tale World 
Fairy Tales still offer hope!  More than just wonderful stories, they provide powerful glimpses into the three deepest longings of a woman's heart:

  • The Desire to be Known

  • The Desire to be Loved

  • The Desire to Know that All Will Be Well

Yet these nuggets of gold gleaned from fairy tales not only stir our fondest longings, they can also provide a breeding ground for our deepest hurts.  But in the hands of the King and through the eyes of faith, these fairy tale longings can lead us to the invisible kingdom where the gold is fashioned into a beautiful key that will unlock our darkest pain and set our hearts free.  Nicole Johnson shows how we can discover our "Princess Hearts" and keep it alive by believing the most wonderful tale of all time--one that is wonderful because it is true!  This message is communicated through Nicole's unique blend of drama and speaking --creating an event made for royalty!


A Personalized Message just for your group! 

Nicole Johnson is a communicator with heart, personality, humor, and depth.  She loves to work with organizations to tailor her speaking topics toward what would minister most to your particular audience.  Whether she is speaking to an organization just for moms, a non-profit organization, a church or women's group, she will weave together encouragement, original drama, and her unique brand of communicating to personalize your event theme. Your audience will feel like she is speaking specifically to them--because she is!



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